Richard and Glenna are a dynamic couple who bring immeasurable spirit, energy and impact to Oklahoma City

Glenna was born in Oklahoma City and raised in a warm Jewish home. Her parents, prominent members of the community, inspired her to “give back to the community” that gave her so much. She began her career in community service in sixth grade, realizing how good it made her feel to help others. She never turned back, making volunteering her way of life—a Jewish way of life.

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Along with their globe-trotting travel, Linda and Justin Gardner share a passion for all things Jewish.

Together they exemplify the generous spirit of tzedakah, most often sharing their good fortune with no fanfare—the highest form of tzedakah. They have both been intensely involved in Jewish affairs.

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Born in Vienna, Austria, in 1930, Edward Kaswan was raised by his parents Moshe and Tzirel Schechter in a beautiful warm Jewish environment.

Ed witnessed the beginning of the great horror in Europe that became known as the Holocaust. Following Kristallnacht, his father, an expert Torah reader, risked death to hold services in their home.

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