OKC Women’s Shabbaton

“Uncover the hidden treasure of Shabbos And your role in bringing it home “

March 5th and 6th




Friday, March 5th

4:00: (optional) join us at this time if you’d like to feel the last minute Shabbos rush

Help prepare some foods and set the tables in honor of Shabbos.

Program begins 6:00: Light the Shabbat candles together and welcome in the Shabbat queen. 

6:15 Shabbos Candle secrets

7:00: Kabbalat Shabbat

8:00: Kiddush 

8: 30: Shabbat dinner

“Making your Shabbos table G‑dly” Professor Eve Tavor Bannet

Getting to know you ice breakers

Scrumptious dessert table

“What I have discovered about Jewish feminism” by Rietta

Kumzits and kibbutz into the night…..

Shabbat morning March 6th

 9:00 – 10:00 Continental breakfast

 9:00 –Optional - join Rabbis Parsha class

“Parshas Ki Sisa”

10:00 “women and Prayer” the pathway through the prayer book for women by Nechoma

10:30 Shacharit service and Torah reading

12:30 hands on in the kitchen

Group prep of lunch salads

1:00 Kiddush Lunch

“Jewish life in South America” by Juliana

3:00 Shabbat Shiur – text based discussion on the Parsha by Nancy Clark

4:00-5:00 Shabbat Menucha relax …talk ….walk…Mincha

5:00 Shalash Sudes – The third meal

Round table discussions


1. Jewish Singles

2. Educating our children (and ourselves) Jewishly in OKC

3. You don’t eat Shellfish? Kosher


4. Keeping family harmony

6:30   closing session

7:15 “Shabbos you really should know… We are sorry to see you go…”

7:30 Havdalah – (bring your Havdalah set from last Shabbaton if you have one)

Sign your Mitzvah cards


Take your inspiration home!

What about the men?

Our usual Shabbos activities will take place this Shabbos with a little extra too.

6:00 bring your wife to the Shabbaton watch women light candles

6:15-7:00 lesson and discussions with Rabbi

7:00 Kabbalat Shabbat


Shabbat Morning

9:00 Rabbis Parsha class

10:00 Shacharit and Torah reading

1:00 kiddush lunch

7:30 come pick up your wife.