Miss Jessica
Lead Teacher, Group Daled
Teacher at Gan Israel ELC since 2015

Jessica Website Pic.jpg 

"I've always loved working with children and getting the opportunity to help shape young minds. Working in early childhood education gives me the chance to use my creativity daily and lets me use my caretaker personality in my career. There is no greater joy then getting greeted every morning with the smiles of children, watching them grow and expanding their minds!

When not in the classroom one of my hobbies is working with a local dog rescue. I help foster and transport puppies all over the state, and I almost always have a couple of puppies hanging out at my house. It's definitely clear I enjoy taking care of cute little beings!"

Miss Addie
Lead Teacher, Group Bet
Teacher at Gan Israel ELC since 2019

Addie Website Pic.jpeg

"I love working in early childhood education because it's so rewarding. I love teaching my students new things in creative and fun ways. My favorite part of being a teacher at Gan Israel ELC is the amazing staff I work with, and seeing smiles on the kids' faces every day!

In my free time I love listening to music, and my hobby is photography." 


Miss Maryrose 
Lead Teacher, Group Gimmel

Teacher at Gan Israel since 2020

 Maryrose Website Pic.jpg

"I love watching my students grow and being a part of it! We have an amazing staff, and we make wonderful memories together.

My hobbies are listening to music and being outdoors. I have a dog, two cats, four lizards and a hamster!"  

Miss Rachael 
Lead Teacher, Group Aleph
Teacher at Gan Israel since 2020

"I love working in early childhood education; teaching students new subjects and making a difference in their lives is so rewarding! 

When I'm not in the classroom my hobbies are painting, reading, watching movies, and playing with my pets."