There maybe some Kosher dry goods (matza), frozen dinners, meats, cheese product etc. available at these listed establishments. Please check the Kosher certifications of each item as we do not supervise any of these places. 

Homeland Grocery
9225 N. May Ave.
Oklahoma City OK  73120
(405) 751-7595

Sprouts Farmers Market
12200 N MacArthur Blvd c
Oklahoma City, OK 73162

(405) 384-7577

Trader Joe's
6409 Avondale Dr
Nichols Hills, OK 73116
(405) 843-5655

Uptown Grocery Co.
9515 N May Ave
The Village, OK 73120
405) 242-6080

Wal Mart Supercenter
2000 W Memorial Rd 
Oklahoma City, OK 73120
405) 753-9407

For custom needs we offer kosher catering services, as scheduling permits.  A rush fee will be added to any order placed less than two weeks in advance.  Delivery and service fees apply.  For menu and pricing information contact Robin at or 405-286-0900.