Last updated May 15, 2020 

Protocols at the Chabad Center

Chabad CARES (Community Assistance Relief Efforts)

Spiritual Health Tips

Preventive Best Practices

It is vital that first and foremost we turn our hearts and minds to Almighty G‑d, who provides the ultimate means of protection and healing for the entire world. We will take all of the practical cautionary advisory steps to keep everyone healthy, but we must never lose sight of the importance and power of Prayer.


At Chabad, we are dedicated to creating a safe and happy place for everyone. In light of the Coronavirus, we ask that you not visit the Center at this time. If you have made arrangements for a special visit, please follow the guidelines below.  

Everyone must use hand sanitizer before entering the building; available at the main front entrance.

Please wash your hands with soap and water immediately and often during your visit at the Center, utilizing the bathroom sinks.

No handshaking, high fives, kisses or hugs.

Please do not kiss the Torah, Mezuzah, or Siddur.

Gan Israel ELC, Chabad Hebrew School, adult education classes, Holy Happy Hour, Challah baking, Pre-Shabbat video conferences, special events, one-on-one meetings with Rabbi and more are being held online. Visit for more information. For assistance call Robin at 405-630-7408.




For many, the current situation is creating significant concerns and uncertainty; and sometimes logistical difficulties. Our function is not just as a gathering place, but as a family and community. As such, we continue to be here for all of you in whatever ways you need. We're available for practical assistance, advice, or just to talk. If you are staying at home and need assistance with providing for your needs such as food shopping, and you do not have family or friends to assist, please contact us. For anything else, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at any time. 


Rabbi Ovadia Goldman: 405-503-9006


Nechoma Goldman: 405-413-6091  nechoma@


Special Shopping Hours for Seniors and the Disabled:

Costco - Tues and Thurs 8-9

Walmart - Tues one hour before store opens

Sam's - Tues and Thurs 7-9

Walgreens - Tues 8-9

Whole Foods - every day 7-8

For answers to many questions about federal aid you may be eligible for visit   


For information about state unemployment benefits visit

For resources for small business owners visit

For Oklahoma OURS (Open Up and Recover Safely) three-phase reopening plan visit



As we take extra precautions to avoid contagion, it's important to strengthen those areas of our 'spiritual' health that have a direct effect on our physical health. We encourage you all to keep finding safe ways to exercise your soul. B'ezrat Hashem - with G‑d's help - we will all get through this and take lessons to heart to improve as individuals, as a community, and as a society.

The following are a number of suggestions of things that can be done to strengthen one’s 'spiritual' immunity:

Be sure that the
Mezuzahs of your household are Kosher .

Be sure your Tefillin are Kosher.


Woman and girls, be sure to  light Shabbat candles on Friday at sunset before Shabbat begins.


Give  extra charity on a daily basis . Have a dedicated Tzedakah box in your home. Women have a custom of giving charity before candle lighting on Friday.


Recite chapters of Psalms daily :  Suggested chapters 20, 22, 69, 150.


Acquire a letter in a Torah scroll.  For a Letter in the Childrens Torah  click here . For a Letter in the Adult Unity Torah  click here .  


Most importantly, strengthen oneself and others in the faith that:  "if one thinks good, it will be good."

If you or anyone you know needs any help with the above Mitzvot, please let us know. We are here to provide this and any other resource.


For more spiritual resources and information visit .

If you or anyone you know is a healthcare worker, first responder, or is in any other profession that risks exposure at work, please be in touch and provide a name (Hebrew name also, if applicable) so we can add it to our prayer list.


Wishing everyone health, safety and happiness at this time. May we see the end of the Coronavirus TODAY!




It behooves ALL of us to be prudent and careful. We are following the recommendations of the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), among others, and are taking their precautions. We are asking all community members to do the same. We are praying for the health and healing of all those who are affected by this illness and the safety and health of the whole world.

We ask you to please take public health guidelines seriously and visit the following sites regularly for updates.

CDC Centers for Disease Control / coronavirus/2019-ncov/index . html
Oklahoma County Updates
Oklahoma College Updates