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Approximately 700 children, women, and men from the Jewish and general community came out to enjoy the festival! Booths offering caricatures, a magic show, a ‘Taste of Jewish Culture’ food tasting, face painting, carnival games, and more kept all ages entertained. BC Clark Jewelers donated a beautiful diamond necklace raffle prize (congrats winner Perrin  Duncan!). Local guitar legend Edgar Cruz serenaded the crowd with beautiful Chanukah and Jewish music. A stilt walker and Dreidel Man entertained and posed for photos, carnival rides swung and spun riders in the air, circus acts delighted young and old, delicious hot latkes and cocoa warmed hands, while greeting friends old and new warmed spirits. 

An event of this size takes many people working together to make it a success:

Under the direction of event coordinator Rabbi Mendel Goldman of  Chabad of Norman, our rabbinic interns were phenomenal! Festival director Shraga Misholovin worked with Rabbis Gedalia Hertz, Yossi Jacobs, Levi Shemtov, Levi Misholovin, and Mendel Slavatick. Their hard work and joyful spirit brought a special energy to the program. 

Nechoma Goldman worked with a group of amazing volunteers including Julia Assef, Jean Ann Crawford, Mussie Goldman, Naomi Keren, Karen Kiely, Danielle Layman, Craig Michael, Stefani and Scott Nachatilo, Lena Nipper, Zena Nipper, Candice Sisson, Diamond Tramble, and Karen Weisman. They kept things running beautifully. Big thanks to Roberta Roberts for running the bustling festival marketplace like a pro! 

Thank you Sue Ann Arnall, the Eliav family, DovBer Goldman, Rabbi Mendel Goldman, Nechoma Goldman, Mayor David Holt, Aron Judkiewicz, and Edie Roodman for participating in the Menorah Lighting ceremony. 

From Scissortail Park we thank CEO Maureen Heffernan, Eric Himan, and especially Chelsea Stephens for her creativity, kindness, patience, and the care she gives to the Festival. 

Special thanks to Randy Trachtenberg, Craig Michael, Jill Gilvert, David Winham, Carla Hinton, Fran Kozakowsi and Chabad Administrator Robin Sanders.  

Huge thanks to the Oklahoma City Police Department and Captain Audrea George for keeping the festival safe!

With your partnership, the Festival was made possible with help from the following sponsors and contributors:


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The parade traveled from the Chabad Center to downtown OKC for a menorah lighting at the Chickasaw Bricktown Ballpark. The OKC Police Department provided a full escort of 18 motorcycle officers and patrol vehicles. As the procession of 50 vehicles wound through OKC, drivers honked and waved, and pedestrians waved and shouted “Happy Chanukah!” It  was a beautiful sight for the community to see such a display of Jewish pride and sharing of light! At the Chickasaw Bricktown Ballpark with 150 in attendance, the OKC Fire Department dropped chocolate coins from the top of their 100-foot ladder. With holiday music, food, blessings, and camaraderie, we joyfully concluded the evening by lighting the giant menorah.


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From the steps of the Oklahoma State Capitol the community joined a Chanukah Lighting In Unity With Israel, hosted by Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt. Governor Stitt emphasized that Oklahoma stands with Israel, and presented an official proclamation. Israeli Air Force Major Eli Goldschmidt gave Chanukah prayers in Hebrew, and expressed gratitude to the United States for standing with Israel. Prayers in English were given by Edie Roodman (OKIE). Holiday songs and treats were enjoyed by attendees, and a giant menorah was lit. One hundred and twenty empty chairs sat with the names and faces of Israeli hostages yet to be released; a powerful reminder. This special program was very moving and encouraging to all in attendance.


In addition to the community Chanukah events, our rabbinic interns shared some special light with visits to elderly, homebound, and hospitalized individuals. They lit the menorah, shared spirited conversations, sang holiday songs, and lifted the spirits of those they visited.

Public menorahs were displayed at Penn Square Mall, in Bricktown, and more, with new menorahs at Chabad of Norman and on Western and I-44. These new Menorahs were sponsored by Larry and Ronna Davis.