We LOVE sending our son to Gan Israel ELC and we couldn't be happier with his teachers. We have seen vast improvements in his social skills as well as verbal communication as a result of his enrollment in the program. When I pick Mason up at the end of the day he never wants to leave. I feel very confident that he is in an environment that promotes education thru art, song and free play.  
  We love the intimacy that Gan Israel provides for our child. Nechoma makes the learning environment so personable and tailored to our son's advancement. We love getting the benefit of a preschool setting while also teaching our son Jewish religion and traditions. Gan Israel is by far, a top notch learning environment!! We love everything about it.  
  It's very hard for me to entrust my girls' care to just anyone. Both of my daughters are so thrilled to arrive at Gan Israel each week, and i actually find it difficult to get them to leave school when I pick them up each day! They are receiving a stellar secular and religious education, and I am constantly blown away by the concepts, songs and prayers that my 3 year old shares with me. She can already recite portions of: The Four Questions, The Shema, Shabbat Blessings and countless Jewish songs. She knows more than I did at 10 years of age! My younger daughter has grown and improved by huge strides since she began attending just a few weeks ago! Nechoma is so accommodating, kind, helpful and loving towards all the children and their families.  
  Our family loves Gan Israel ELC because we feel like our child is in the care of family while he is there. Our son started going to Gan Israel ELC when he was 10 weeks old. It is hard to let others care for your child, but knowing that he is in such good hands makes it much easier. It is a small group of children, so they each get such wonderful, individual attention while learning to share and interact with other kids. We also love that our child gets a Jewish education and gets to grow close to other Jewish children. The teachers do an excellent job of making sure the kids are engaged and having fun while learning. It is a bright, cheerful and clean facility. We feel so fortunate that our son goes to Gan Israel ELC. It truly is a great place!  
  It's not an easy thing to trust someone with your precious children for the first time, but Nechoma loves our children and will do everything to ensure that their first school environment is loving and healthy. The lessons and activities are complete with a great outdoor playground, well-designed activity centers, and age-appropriate academic curriculum. My kids love making challah and the Shabbos party every week, my son recites blessings beautifully and my little daughter pulls my hands over her eyes when we say the night time prayer-Shema.  
  Gan Israel Early Learning Center has played an important part in our children’s early childhood development and Jewish education. When I drop my children off in the morning they are greeted with a warm smile, and I know their teachers provide the same level of attention and care to their emotional and physical needs that I do. My children have an incredible sense of Jewish pride and identity from being part of GIELC. My heart swells with joy when I hear them sing the aleph beis, tell me the story of Pesach, and welcome in Shabbos in our home each week with songs and prayers they have learned while at ELC. Sending my kids to ELC has been the best spiritual investment we have made in their lives so far. The staff is amazing in every way, and my children are learning to be loving and kind Jewish individuals. Our family cannot recommend the program highly enough.  
  My daughter loves coming to Gan Israel and doesn't want to come home when school is over. She is a high energy child but has some speech delays; I feel that the teachers strive hard to emphasize her strengths so that she is successful in school tasks. She is respected and loved and feels safe.